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On my website I'll present my latest astrophotography pictures, which include Deep Sky Objects, Planetary Images, Landscapes and ISS Transits.

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Dieter Meier
27.05.2018 14:26:36
Deine Videos auf Youtube sind klasse!
Peter Lahti
16.02.2018 14:16:07
Hi I'm very impressed by your work and I'm qurios about your telescope. What his the brand and how much such a fine scope cost. I'm planning to buy one but don't know yet which one.
Love your work man.
Olivier Renault
05.01.2018 00:31:19
You make a great job! Beautiful.
Manuel Antic602
13.12.2017 18:01:51
From Phoenix Arizona (U.S.) Thank you for the much needed "Escapes" and Great work. ??
Jonas Antonian
22.09.2017 21:53:10
Hi.Thanks for sharing pics and information about a god base 250 PDS setup.I have my doubts on what to buy,and how to get most bang for the bucks.Now I know ,God and correct information.My thanks.2-3 months il make a shot with my new equimpent..Jumping up and down...
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